Being brave…in the face of fear.

There is just so much to say.
I am not as brave as I’d like to be or as some might think so usually I’ll say it on paper, to my spouse or to my kids.

Also I just think that some people are too busy to read and/or comment (most do either one or the other) and then most are just not that interested because they are tired. They are tired from working to try to just stay alive and half-way healthy, from working to keep their kids happy and from trying to maintain some semblance of sanity in this ‘gone far too left’ and ‘over the edge of crazy’ world.

I tell my kids to not say how they truly feel about this political environment for fear of this very political environment…everyone is hot and it’s not just from the soaring temperatures. I get sad and mad that I have to tell them that in 2017 but this is the world that I have found myself raising them in…..many steps forward but so many leaps backward.

I tell them to show love and to be respectful to every human being. I don’t just tell them, I show them, but then I get scared for them because not everyone understands or even accepts kindness simply for what it is. Misinterpreting and misunderstanding are as rampant as any disease.

It scares ME to think that I tell THEM to be forward thinking yet they can clearly see the leader of the free world leading those who agree with him straight back to the days of inequality and possibly as far back as the days of slavery.

I have outspokenly mentioned that I do not feel as though we are completely free. Economically it is almost impossible to be, unless you grow your own food, on your own land and make your own clothes etc. I’m sure most of you will get what I mean.

I’m feeling stuck because I want to tell them about being brave but I get scared to even click like on someone’s political comment for fear the wrong person will see and even worse, they will misinterpret and share their misunderstandings with those who don’t spend a lot of time thinking (if you know what I mean).

It is not too much to ask that we all do our parts in our minds and our hearts, then in our homes and communities, on paper, on social media and anywhere else.
We must, however, do it ever so carefully. Why? In these times, in these temperatures, in this political climate; We stand to lose so much more than our sanity. We can lose ourselves, (dignity) our lives (as I have said before, immediately after “the win”), and now we could also lose our kids.

If they interpret it as something to fight for, that’s a great thing but it is still troubling. If they believe staying silent is the answer, then nothing changes and hate wins and if they are indifferent we have taught them either the wrong things or nothing.

Although we have to work to keep the power on; we must work even harder by speaking up and speaking out at least; against a system that was improving but is now regressing and a leader that does not know what it means to lead.

We can keep spreading messages of peace, love and positivity and pray that with enough light, our “leader” will see his way out of the darkness. I am writing this scared but I’m doing it anyway because I must teach my kids about leadership and bravery and responsibility, AND that sometimes such things can be done in fear otherwise we will accomplish nothing.

✌🏽 & ❤️~Dee~

Rooted in Fear or Lifted in Love

Some of us (those of a certain generation) were raised to believe that it’s either God, Jesus or nothing (eternal damnation to be real).
Others among us were raised in peace, to know love and to shun evil. This way seems more humbling to me.

If you are raised in fear then maybe you don’t do things because you are afraid.

If you are raised in love, maybe you do things out of love.

Evenin’ Jah!


Today I am thankful

Filled with gratitude,
My blessings teach me servitude.
I am happy to be the person I was meant to be.
Feels good knowing that I am fulfilling my destiny.
Life’s true purpose IS to live a life filled with love and of purpose and
I am convinced that my
Purpose is to share my love with others.
So I am thankful because my calling is easy even though I’m carrying it out in what sometimes seems like the toughest of times and the harshest circumstances.

Namaste 🙏🏼 ~Dee~

Yesterday I drove while blind. 😵

Well, not really…I had my eyes dilated (yet again) and though I could see the bigger things I struggled with the little things. 😎
Like ordering from a menu, seeing my phone or using my credit/debit card (sometimes not spending is a good thing). 🤑

As with every instance in my life, it made me think. Isn’t that how life generally is? We are usually driving blindly, whether partially or otherwise, into or through or out of things. Never are we ever clear on what the outcome of situations will really be. We can’t order or see or have the time to look at the fine print. 🤓

So we borrow and forge through until a result we eventually see and we can either be thankful to have survived and to have learned something or remain blind and pissed, appreciating nothing. 🤔

When in reality, either the experience or the lesson should have cleared our vision, realistically. 🤗😊

Mawnin’ Jah!


Good day! Pre-workout meds (literally just gonna meditate & stretch), thinking out loud here but my inability to do cardio anymore (at least for right now) really doesn’t bother me as much as it should. I don’t really like exercise…but as soon as I hit 40, I knew for sure that I needed to. *sigh*

That saying “life begins at forty” started making more sense to me. Now I am literally retraining my mind AND my body on who I want and need to be in order to approach the last half of my life in a semi-fit, more than slightly healthy way. I’m seeing my Neurologist AGAIN today and praying for good news because although I am not exercise’s “biggest” fan, I realize that my newly acquired body (waistline in particular) needs it badly.
#learningtocrawlalloveragain 🤞🏽
#reallydontmindjustlayingaroundallday 😩
#healthyisthenewwalthy 🏃🏽‍♀️
#welliwasntuntilthispicture 😏
#wowzahineedsomebeautyhelp 😳