Yesterday I drove while blind. πŸ˜΅

Well, not really…I had my eyes dilated (yet again) and though I could see the bigger things I struggled with the little things. 😎
Like ordering from a menu, seeing my phone or using my credit/debit card (sometimes not spending is a good thing). πŸ€‘

As with every instance in my life, it made me think. Isn’t that how life generally is? We are usually driving blindly, whether partially or otherwise, into or through or out of things. Never are we ever clear on what the outcome of situations will really be. We can’t order or see or have the time to look at the fine print. πŸ€“

So we borrow and forge through until a result we eventually see and we can either be thankful to have survived and to have learned something or remain blind and pissed, appreciating nothing. πŸ€”

When in reality, either the experience or the lesson should have cleared our vision, realistically. πŸ€—πŸ˜Š

Mawnin’ Jah!



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